Aigua Vilajuïga landscape Empordà Parc Natural Cap de Creus

In the foothills of Cap de Creus Natural Park there is a village that is home to one of the world’s finest naturally sparkling mineral waters.

Although Vilajuïga may look normal, it is not your typical village: it boasts a distinctive nature, a discreet effervescence, and a proven spontaneity. In that sense, it is like its water. Vilajuïga is a place where the everyday becomes the extraordinary; and where uniqueness becomes normality. In many ways, it has a typical village mentality: proud of its ancient springs, which are as characteristic of the region as the tramuntana winds it is famed for. It is a child of the soil, the wind, and the region’s highly complex geology. In short, Vilajuïga is a village that embodies the essence of its water. Since 1904, for generation after generation, it has proudly guarded one of the most singular and valuable resources of the Empordà region.

Aigua Vilajuïga gourmet town street