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A classic Vilajuïga day: a day to remember forever!

04 November 2019

In other words, it was a day of great joy. On 12 October we celebrated the opening of our renovated water plant with a special Open Day, which was attended by all of the people of Vilajuïga and visitors from across Catalonia. It was a unique and truly special event, filled with a sense of community and neighbourly feeling.

It was also an emotional day, as it marked the moment in which the town could feel proud once again: proud of its water, of its family traditions, and of its memories, filled with symbolism and sensitivity. A day on which young and old alike could enjoy activities designed for all the family. One such example was the drawing workshop, where everyone was invited to get creative and produce drawings inspired by their own personal interpretation of the new Vilajuïga water.

Those present were able to visit the new bottling plant, the renovated former home of “Señor Ramon”, the iconic Escaire well, and the older, larger well that has now been transformed into the new Mystery Space: a truly remarkable spot whose natural beauty takes everyone’s breath away.

We also danced the sardana, accompanied by Cobla Rossinyolets, a traditional band from Castelló d’Empúries; and everyone enjoyed the antics of the geganters: giant costumes made from papier-mâché and paraded by the people of Vilajuïga.

In short, it was a day that made one thing very clear: namely, that the people who love Vilajuïga water are also a part of its centuries-old history, with their shared family anecdotes and fondly remembered moments – which are always complemented by a little bit of fizz.

So, here’s a Vilajuïga toast: to those who were able to attend, and also to those who couldn’t make it.

Here’s to a classic Vilajuïga get-together.