null 2019-11-19-una-experiencia-gastronomica-per-als-sentits

A dining experience for the senses.

19 November 2019

It was one of the most remarkable and gourmet days for our water. It was the day we held a water tasting in a very special setting with great professionals in the gastronomy sector, including sommeliers, head waiters, chefs and culinary journalists from all over Catalonia.

With their culinary talent and vision, we were able to reconfirm the huge culinary power of our water. Not just due to its organoleptic properties, which are indeed singular, but also to its originality, which makes it ideal alongside any culinary creation.

During the tasting, Dr. Jordi Oliver Rodés of the Oliver Rodés Laboratory offered his view of the world of water and the virtues of Vilajuïga. Ferran Centelles (sommelier of El Bulli from 1999 to 2012) shared his more holistic and emotional perspective of Vilajuïga, and the charismatic chef Jordi Cruz (three Michelin Stars) touched on the great gastronomic potential of our water in haute cuisine.

After the water tasting, Cruz presented a tasting menu prepared with Vilajuïga water at Abac, his award-winning restaurant in Barcelona. The ideal setting to enjoy five lightly sparkling dishes: fine Mediterranean-herb coca with anchovies, peanut butter and cured cecina infusion; blue oyster with Japanese escabeche snow; prawn bouillabaisse infusion; cheese and vegetable infusion; and black and white marshmallows for dessert.

A true culinary performance, a gift for the senses, and the best company possible, all with the hidden magic of our water.

Thank you all for your extraordinary talent and most exquisite palates.