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Lightly sparkling gastronomic talent

03 December 2019

After a great meal comes a great late-night snack. That is the feeling that we at Vilajuïga have a few days after playing a highly active part in the 2019 Fòrum Gastronòmic in Barcelona. We are immensely pleased and proud of this pairing of unique culinary moments with a series of highly singular professionals.

On day one (18/11), we lent support to the country’s finest sommeliers in the 2019 Best Sommelier in Catalonia Contest, organised by the Catalan Association of Sommeliers. Here, we handed the special “Aigua Vilajuïga” award to the three contest finalists. In this event, 20 sommeliers from around Catalonia competed in a series of highly demanding challenges. Congratulations to finalists Audrey Dore – El Celler de Can Roca, Anna Casabona Paris – Celler Capçanes and Ton Colet – El Cigró d’Or. And particularly to Audrey Dore, the contest winner.

The next day proved immensely inspiring. At our stand, we were treated to the spontaneity and singular and unique talent of the Torres brothers. Thanks to their character and avant-garde creations, we had the opportunity to sample a welcome cocktail made with Vilajuïga water called the Dirty Vilajuïga (vodka, Argudell olive juice, lemon peel, ice made from Vilajuïga water, rosemary, thyme and Vilajuïga water). Not to mention a series of samplings infused with that signature Torres style: Rosemary butterfly, Cured squid tartar with 000 caviarPoor cod and tomatoFried eggs and crispsBrown crab with fresh pasta and Coffee caviar. A delight for both the palate and the senses.

Our stand was also visited by chefs such as Nandu Jubany (Petit Comitè), Carlos Abellán (La barra de Carlos Abellán) and Albert Raurich (Dos palillos), who stopped by to share with us their opinion on the singularity and culinary potential of our water.

Afterwards, the Torres brothers dazzled attendees in the Forum’s central auditorium with a live keynote address entitled: “Aigua Vilajuïga: Water Cuisine”. In an amicable, relaxed atmosphere, the Torres brothers treated us to an unprecedented culinary experience. Motivated by a constant desire to innovate, they presented a series of creations of great culinary value prepared using our water. The brothers praised and commended the astounding organoleptic properties of Vilajuïga water and its huge gastronomic potential. Not only because it seamlessly pairs with fantastic meals, but also thanks its unique ability to create singular dishes.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who experienced our water first-hand or with us, from up close or far away, and who made such a gracious and gastronomically invaluable event possible. Thank you for your unwavering support and your personal, honest, professional and lightly sparkling vision.

Here are a series of articles with references that fill us with an immense sense of pride and enthusiasm: