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Music and water are once again served up at the Peralada Castle Festival.

02 August 2019

The magic of Festival Castell de Peralada will again flow this year courtesy of our water. A pairing which maintains its status of the Festival’s official water. The summer nights will once more be filled with the finest musical talent, in a uniquely distinctive setting.

Truly special nights in the very best culinary company, including Jean Louis Neichel, the Torres brothers, Ferran Adrià, Paco Perez and Betina Montagne… as well as the Right Honourable Agnés Lladó, Mayor of Figueres, and leading culinary journalist Salvador Garcia-Arbós, to name just a few. They have all shared experiences and wonderful moments full of fraternal feeling, and agree that: “there is nothing like the experience of a festival with the touches of individuality that it offers, elegantly blending with Vilajuïga water”.

These are unique and memorable moments, with music and water served up on truly magical summer nights in the Alt Empordà district. And we may as well say that we are this year again very proud to be the official water of @festivalcastellperalada, a gathering of natural friendship that grows stronger with every year that passes, with every clink of glasses…

Quality and good company in a laid-back setting full of magical details and a touch of sparkle. Unique and distinctive nights to let the emotions flow.