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Vilajuïga and El Bulli Foundation join forces to explain the magic of our water

23 April 2020

When Ferran Adrià spoke about Vilajuïga, he echoed the admiration that we feel for our water, whose history stretches back over centuries: “Vilajuïga is, above all, a mystery. There is something enigmatic about it, which makes it magical”. A unique, rare and exceptional affirmation, like our water; natural and spontaneous, like the magic that surrounds Ferran…

Our relationship with Ferran Adrià, the father of modern haute cuisine, began many years ago: indeed, we have dined at the same table for so long that we would not know how to enjoy the experience of fine dining without each other. In fact, Ferran used to serve our water at his restaurant, El Bulli. So when he told us that he wanted to involve us in his new project, Bullipedia (specifically, in the creation of four volumes on the subject of unprocessed products), we couldn’t have been more excited.

For Ferran, water is an essential unprocessed product, and “only a doubly-natural water like Vilajuïga could help us promote an awareness of these types of product, which play an extremely important role in haute cuisine”. After so many years spent delighting the taste-buds of thousands of people by giving them flavour and sparkle, we wanted to commit ourselves fully to the ElBulliFoundation team and be a part of this fantastic project, in order to learn and understand a little more about the magic of unprocessed products.

– Very briefly, we could say that the Bullipedia reflects the development of knowledge in the fields of food, cooking and gastronomy. It is an eloquent undertaking that aims to document all of the wisdom accumulated throughout the centuries: from the most basic, immediate and traditional through to the most erudite and scientific. – Joan Fornós, Managing Director, Vilajuïga.

The first of the four volumes has already been launched, and is titled «Unprocessed Products: Definitions, Classifications and Categories». It is an academic introduction that enables readers to learn about and understand the value of these products and their personalities within the context of haute cuisine. Through the use of illustrations, photographs and conceptual maps, the aim is to give culinary professionals, students and amateur cooks a holistic and historical insight into the qualities and properties of these products, which are used not only in the food industry, but also in the world of haute cuisine.

In the second volume, which is titled «A Taxonomy of Unprocessed Products», we will be able to discover the biological and morphological characteristics of the unprocessed products that are discussed in the book. This extremely inspiring volume will for sure enrich the general knowledge of any reader: in fact, its aim is to communicate the magic that surrounds our products and our truly wonderful cuisine.

The third book will set out the guidelines and knowledge, with specific reference to unprocessed products, that a professional will require in their day-to-day life at a gourmet restaurant. Last but not least, the fourth book publication is scheduled for the first quarter of 2021 and will teach us about the history of these unprocessed products.

We are very proud to take part in the sharing of culinary knowledge through the publication of these four volumes. Without a doubt, these books will offer a fresh perspective for any professional, student or amateur cook, and will continue to add spice to our own creations.

Learn to understand. Learn to taste. Learn to organize. Learn with a sparkle.

Learn, always.

Thank you, Ferran!