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Vilajuïga is flowing again.

30 July 2018

Vilajuïga, which boasts a heritage stretching back more than 114 years, began to flow once again on 13 July, at the incomparable setting of the Castell de Peralada Festival. With a debut as unique as its water, the first bottle of the new era was unveiled at a highly symbolic presentation ceremony in which this unique water was given back to the residents of Vilajuïga and to society as a whole.

The presentation dinner began with the screening of a film, in which the protagonist was none other than the new Vilajuïga bottle. Those present watched expectantly as this first bottle began its journey: from design through to the bottling plant, where the village’s youngest and oldest residents took delivery of it. Handling the bottle with great care, they then carried it off to an unknown destination.

Like a 21st-century adaptation of a Méliès classic, the film’s unique protagonists ended their odyssey in the gardens of the Castell de Peralada Festival. It was as though they had emerged from the screen itself to surprise all those present, including the mayor of Vilajuïga and world-famous chef Ferran Adrià. The emotion of the scene reached its zenith with the arrival of the bottle: a magical moment in which the young girl and the old man from the film brought the bottle into the centre of the gathering and placed it on a plinth, from where it presided over the evening meal and celebrations.

Finally, the brand’s most longed-for moment had arrived. With much joy, and following many months of hard work, Joan Fornós and Víctor Grífols, the general manager and CEO of Grifols (respectively), were finally able to present the new bottle to the world.

The emotion was tangible. The Suqué family, Ferran Centelles, Ferran Adrià, and the residents of Vilajuïga all enjoyed a truly remarkable evening of culinary excellence, in all senses. The intimate, relaxed yet fun atmosphere was enhanced by the performance of Llibert Fortuny, who enlivened the evening with a series of jazz numbers until it was time for dessert to be served. To round off this fantastic event, all of those present were treated to an exquisite performance of Giselle by the Ballet du Capitole from Toulouse. In summary: a truly unique experience, filled with sublime moments inspired by a village that is home to one of the finest naturally sparkling mineral waters in the world.