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VILAJUÏGA & La Vanguardia Restaurant Guide

26 May 2020

A guide for the true gourmet

If there’s one thing Spain is known for across the globe, it’s excellent cuisine. Writing a guide containing just 100 restaurants was no easy task, especially when you consider the unique story and heartfelt and authentic approach of each establishment. That’s why we’re thrilled to have worked with the team from La Vanguardia Comer, coordinated by Cristina Jolonch. Not just because they boast a refined palate and know how to make such choices, but because they split the guide into 10 chapters, each devoted to a different reason why the restaurants are worth a visit.

Our guide starts at the bar, with a selection that ranges that from tapas to haute-cuisine tasting menus. From there, restaurants with extraordinary raw ingredients take the spotlight, followed by those that attract gourmets thanks to their outstanding innovation or a menu that gets it right. Yet another selection criterion is history and tradition, which play a vital role in forging a restaurant’s identity. The chapter focused solely on specialities highlights establishments that are simply victorious at the grill or in their preparation of rice or stew, for example.

During the 20th century, the architect Mies Van der Rohe—renowned for his minimalist and spacious designs—popularized the phrase ‘less is more’, a concept which would later be applied to fashion and gastronomy. In that sense, a chapter devoted to restaurants with an open kitchen, where the complex is made simple, was a must.

A culinary experience is found not just on the plate, but in everything around the table; attention to detail makes an enormous difference, as do the surrounding. The landscape plays an important role in the ambience created within a restaurant and can inspire feelings and emotions while you dine. Lastly, we mustn’t forget the restaurants of chefs who dare to break the mould and take culinary risks, which rank among some of our favourites.

Each chapter features short texts offering useful information about the restaurants or products. The guide was written by gourmets, La Vanguardia collaborators and some members of the Comer team: Juan Manuel Bellver, Jorge Guitián, Cristina Jolonch (coordinator of the guide), Marijo Jordan, Toni Massanés, Albert Molins, Yaiza Saiz and Pilar Salas.

Nearly 140 pages of culinary criteria, passion and vocation stirred up by a team with excellent taste. You can find the Comer guide at any newspaper stand for just  €9.95.

Enjoy fine cuisine and Aigua Vilajuïga!