null 2019-07-03-vilajuiga-colabora-con-la-exposicion-de-ca-la-teta-a-elbulli-el-pais-de-los-cocineros

Vilajuïga participates in the exhibition ‘De Ca la Teta a elBulli. El país dels cuiners’.

03 July 2019

Vilajuïga is bubbling up again from its natural source to be served on the best gourmet tables: this time, in the form of a culinary retrospective. Vilajuïga is proud and honoured to be working with the Museu de l’Empordà in Figueres to put on the exhibition ‘El país dels cuiners’ (‘Country of chefs’). All the talent and tradition of the Empordà region is coming together in a space that is as exceptional and one-of-a-kind as our water. This is an examination of our culinary history of which Vilajuïga, a sparkling water that has astonished since 1904, could not be left out.

From Ca la Teta to elBulli, via El Motel and Hotel Duran, among many more legendary establishments… Over a century of Empordà’s culinary tradition, in which Vilajuïga has played a leading part. From 27 April until 15 September, this retrospective looks at the value of this culinary region and pays a unique, remarkable tribute to a centuries-old cuisine admired the world over. This is a must-visit for food lovers. It is a toast to the talent, history, innovation and originality of a cuisine that, for over a century, has proven to be shaped not by the tramuntana wind, but by hands that are as unique and exceptional as our water.