Vilajuïga sponsors El Periódico’s Cata Mayor

12 June 2020

An appetizing collaboration

At Vilajuïga, we love sitting down with the crème de la crème of the culinary world to discover the secrets of the trade and, while we’re at it, get our hands on some delicious recipes, as well. We’re especially proud of teaming up with Pau Arenós on the web series Cata Mayor by El Periódico to learn more about some of the country’s most famous and charismatic kitchens.

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VILAJUÏGA & La Vanguardia Restaurant Guide

26 May 2020

A guide for the true gourmet

If there’s one thing Spain is known for across the globe, it’s excellent cuisine. Writing a guide containing just 100 restaurants was no easy task, especially when you consider the unique story and heartfelt and authentic approach of each establishment. That’s why we’re thrilled to have worked with the team from La Vanguardia Comer, coordinated by Cristina Jolonch. Not just because they boast a refined palate and know how to make such choices, but because they split the guide into 10 chapters, each devoted to a different reason why the restaurants are worth a visit.

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Vilajuïga and El Bulli Foundation join forces to explain the magic of our water

23 April 2020

When Ferran Adrià spoke about Vilajuïga, he echoed the admiration that we feel for our water, whose history stretches back over centuries: “Vilajuïga is, above all, a mystery. There is something enigmatic about it, which makes it magical”. A unique, rare and exceptional affirmation, like our water; natural and spontaneous, like the magic that surrounds Ferran…

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Lightly sparkling gastronomic talent

03 December 2019

After a great meal comes a great late-night snack. That is the feeling that we at Vilajuïga have a few days after playing a highly active part in the 2019 Fòrum Gastronòmic in Barcelona. We are immensely pleased and proud of this pairing of unique culinary moments with a series of highly singular professionals.

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A dining experience for the senses.

19 November 2019

It was one of the most remarkable and gourmet days for our water. It was the day we held a water tasting in a very special setting with great professionals in the gastronomy sector, including sommeliers, head waiters, chefs and culinary journalists from all over Catalonia.

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A classic Vilajuïga day: a day to remember forever!

04 November 2019

In other words, it was a day of great joy. On 12 October we celebrated the opening of our renovated water plant with a special Open Day, which was attended by all of the people of Vilajuïga and visitors from across Catalonia. It was a unique and truly special event, filled with a sense of community and neighbourly feeling.

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New facilities. New hopes.

07 October 2019

On 26 September we experienced a day that was as unique and singular as our own water. It was the day on which we opened the new Vilajuïga water plant. It was a relaxed, intimate and affectionate occasion, in which many emotions were felt. Anecdotes were told about past experiences in the water industry and visits were made to the new facilities. These included the renovated former home of the Ramon family, which is now a space for musical performances; the new bottling plant; the iconic Escaire well; and the old well that has now been transformed into the new Mystery Space.

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Music and water are once again served up at the Peralada Castle Festival.

02 August 2019

The magic of Festival Castell de Peralada will again flow this year courtesy of our water. A pairing which maintains its status of the Festival’s official water. The summer nights will once more be filled with the finest musical talent, in a uniquely distinctive setting

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Vilajuïga participates in the exhibition ‘De Ca la Teta a elBulli. El país dels cuiners’.

03 July 2019

Vilajuïga is bubbling up again from its natural source to be served on the best gourmet tables: this time, in the form of a culinary retrospective. Vilajuïga is proud and honoured to be working with the Museu de l’Empordà in Figueres to put on the exhibition ‘El país dels cuiners’ (‘Country of chefs’). All the talent and tradition of the Empordà region is coming together in a space that is as exceptional and one-of-a-kind as our water. This is an examination of our culinary history of which Vilajuïga, a sparkling water that has astonished since 1904, could not be left out.

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Vilajuïga is flowing again.

30 July 2018

Vilajuïga, which boasts a heritage stretching back more than 114 years, began to flow once again on 13 July, at the incomparable setting of the Castell de Peralada Festival. With a debut as unique as its water, the first bottle of the new era was unveiled at a highly symbolic presentation ceremony in which this unique water was given back to the residents of Vilajuïga and to society as a whole.

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Vilajuïga, the official water of the Castell de Peralada Festival.

19 June 2018

The amazing castle and garden are the perfect scene to launch new musicians, voices and composers, but only one water earns the right to be on stage. Gently carbonated, the subtle, delicate bubbles of Vilajuïga mineral water will accompany the performers and public at one of the most important classical music festivals today.
July 13th and the Castell de Peralada Festival marks the official debut of the new Vilajuïga water brand and bottle.

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