Vilajuïga is flowing again.

Vilajuïga, which boasts a heritage stretching back more than 114 years, began to flow once again on 13 July, at the incomparable setting of the Castell de Peralada Festival. With a debut as unique as its water, the first bottle of the new era was unveiled at a highly symbolic presentation ceremony in which this unique water was given back to the residents of Vilajuïga and to society as a whole. Continue reading…

Vilajuïga, the official water of the Castell de Peralada Festival.

The amazing castle and garden are the perfect scene to launch new musicians, voices and composers, but only one water earns the right to be on stage. Gently carbonated, the subtle, delicate bubbles of Vilajuïga mineral water will accompany the performers and public at one of the most important classical music festivals today.

July 13th and the Castell de Peralada Festival marks the official debut of the new Vilajuïga water brand and bottle.

More about the “coming-out” soon. Stay tuned…