Aigua Vilajuïga tramuntana Alt Empordà

Unique, rare, and singular.

Among the fields, the mountains and the sea, our Vilajuïga water bubbles up to the surface.

A naturally carbonated mineral water (no added carbon dioxide) originating in the county of Alt Empordà, in the heart of Cap de Creus Natural Park where the Pyrenees meet the Mediterranean. It is a place where the winds of the tramuntana have sculpted the rocks over centuries, and where the rain lends a special charisma to such a distinctive landscape.

The aquifer that holds the water is located at a depth of some 70 metres, and is connected to the mountains of the Serra de la Verdera. The natural bubbles and health-giving minerals are the result of a journey of more than 30 years, which begins when the rain falls onto the hills around Cap de Creus Natural Park. The water permeates through the subsoil, absorbing minerals such as magnesium, sodium, calcium, lithium and bicarbonates, which give the water its natural, fizzing bubbles.

Since 1904, the water’s properties have made it a unique yet scarce resource, which in turn means it is highly valued by those who appreciate the exclusive character of nature’s bounty. This unique character makes our water the ideal complement to the experience of fine dining: not only is it lightly sparkling, and therefore not filling, but it also pairs superbly with good wines and cavas thanks to its smoothness and organoleptic structure.

Our water bubbles up from its natural source to bring tradition, passion, authenticity and honesty to the table.

The lightly sparkling water.

The natural carbonated bubbles in Vilajuïga water are smaller and more numerous than those found in water with added carbon dioxide (CO2). For this reason, Vilajuïga water is lightly sparkling, with subtle bubbles that give the water its delicate mouth-feel and truly unique taste.

This taste is due to the minerals it contains. The local geological strata provide a range of different minerals, and these are what give Vilajuïga water its special qualities.

Chemical composition (mg/l)
Dry residue at 180°C: 1.630
Bicarbonate (HCO3): 1.550
Chloride (Cl): 221
Fluoride (F): 2,7
Sodium (Na): 568
Lithium (Li): 0,88
Aigua Vilajuïga bottle naturally carbonated
Chemical element Silicon composition Aigua de Vilajuïga
Chemical element Magnesium composition Aigua de Vilajuïga
Chemical element Sodium composition Aigua de Vilajuïga
Chemical element Fluorine composition Aigua de Vilajuïga
Aigua Vilajuïga table glass bottle

Unique, for many reasons.

For many years, the residents of Vilajuïga attested to the quality of the water by using it in their own homes, but in the spring of 1903 the renowned pharmacist Dr. B. Oliver i Rodés performed the first scientific analysis and confirmed much of what the villagers already knew:

Over a century later, this description of the therapeutic uses of Vilajuïga water remains entirely relevant.

Gourmet water.

The organoleptic qualities of Vilajuïga water, allied to its lightness and the sensation of freshness on the palate, combine perfectly with the gastronomic experience of fine dining. Show-stopping dishes such as those served at the restaurant El Bulli were accompanied by Vilajuïga water. From the very start, Ferran Adrià appreciated the uniqueness of our water:

“The evolution of El Bulli was based on creativity and innovation on the one hand, and the stimulation of diners’ emotions on the other. In this respect, Vilajuïga water was a key product; in fact, it was fascinating to see how nature itself had created this marvellous water that had a spirit all of its own. AVilajuïga water is a genuinely exciting creation, and one which we humans are not capable of recreating by ourselves.”

Aigua Vilajuïga landscape Empordà Creus
Aigua Vilajuïga empty bottle antiquity

Ferran Centelles, the sommelier at El Bulli from 1999 to 2011, tells us of his own experience and perspective:

“Vilajuïga water has a very delicate sparkle: a unique texture that softly envelops the palate and a taste that ensures maximum respect for the dishes being served.

It has a medium level of mineralization, which gives it a deep mineral taste while at the same time ensuring it remains light and fresh.

As it is rich in bicarbonates, Vilajuïga water has an alkaline mouth-feel, accompanied by a slight acidity from the natural gas. This alkaline mouth-feel is unique and highly valued, as it gives the water a pleasant taste and makes it an exceptional accompaniment for sophisticated culinary creations.”

Moreover, one of the most outstanding qualities of Vilajuïga water is its suitability for pairing with wine, cava, champagne, dessert wine, coffee and tea. Its organoleptic qualities and (in particular) its bubbles that effervesce in the mouth help to gently cleanse the palate, enabling the taste buds to work in harmony and appreciate the quality of a great wine; especially a splendid red wine from Vilajuïga in the Empordà D.O. region.

Enjoying an excellent meal with a bottle of Vilajuïga water is undoubtedly one of the finest gastronomic experiences for even the most discerning of palates.

Healthy water.

Vilajuïga water is not only an excellent addition to the table; it is also a great ally in terms of health. After the water’s discovery in spring 1903, the prestigious chemist Dr. B. Oliver i Rodés performed an initial analysis in which he certified its mineral and medicinal benefits. This approval made it much sought-after by the pharmacies and chemists of the time.

Prior to reaching the aquifer from where it is extracted, the water passes through layers of subsoil. Along the way, it acquires many minerals, such as magnesium, sodium, calcium, lithium and bicarbonates. These pure elements enrich the water with the mineral salts and trace elements that our bodies need for a healthy balance.

The composition of Vilajuïga water makes it ideal for digestion and a great help for problems involving the stomach, pancreas, spleen, liver or kidneys, due to its diuretic function. It can also be used to help prevent osteoporosis (calcium), while its antioxidant properties and high magnesium content help to slow neuronal ageing.

Moreover, it is the ideal water for sportspeople, as it helps to replenish the mineral salts that are lost through exercise and heat.

Without a doubt, a glass of Vilajuïga water is a tonic for one’s health and inner wellbeing. Its unique taste is, of course, a welcome bonus.

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